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International Conferences on COVID-19

Info about the International Conferences on COVID-19  

Aim of the COVID-19 conferences

This free online conference brings you the leading scientists’ answer to this burning question: Is there a real, dangerous corona pandemic going on, and is the political corona measures we see in most countries, including the vaccination programs, productive or counterproductive to the populations health, happiness and well-
being/global quality of life?

What does science tell us about SarsCov-2 and COVID-19 regarding:

  1. The danger – is there a real corona pandemic or has the danger been overestimated?
  2. The lockdowns etc. – are the political actions related to the corona pandemic justified by science?
  3. The COVID-19 experimental vaccines and gen-therapies – are the rational? Are they safe? How do they work, and what do we know about the technology from animal trials?

The world´s leading experts in corona viruses and COVID-19 give the best possible scientific answers to the questions above, and many more.

Who is it for?

We welcome all doctors, nurses, health professionals, politicians, police officers, media professional etc. to participate.

The public with general interest in these questions is also welcome to participate.
Physical participation for free is also possible on Nytorv, where we have applied for acknowledgement of this conference as “opinion-making assamly” (“meningsdannende forsamling”).
Online participation happens by streaming form www.danmarksfriefjernsyn.dk and a number of other platforms, to be announced from this page.


For the media: for more information, call 00452066766 or send us an email to info@danmarksfriefjernsyn.dk. For
contact to the organizers, please write to ventegodt@livskvalitet.org.

1st International Conference on COVID-19
Dangers, Lockdowns, Vaccines & Prevention

2nd International Conference on COVID-19
Dangers, Lockdowns, Vaccines & Prevention

3rd International Conference on COVID-19
“Corona Løgnen”