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The 1st international Conference on Covid-19 is taking place as planned


// DFF 15.05.2021

Despite an attack on the scientific conference at the 17th and 18th of May, arranged by OOC and DFF, it is clear that it will take place as planned.

Threats against the 12 leading scientists, which were a part of the original conference program, did lead to some struggles, but since then some of the involved scientists have decided to contribute as planned, and to finally let their knowledge benefit public society. With these threats of dismissal committed against the involved participants, we have witnessed the deep and crucial problem within modern society, which is currently undermining the very structures of democracy.

However, as the need for this kind of events has become more evident than ever before, the conference will take place as planned, bringing us a step nearer to ”the scientifical truth about covid-19.”

Among others, leading scientists Andrew Kaufmann and Michael Palmer will contribute to the conference.

You can attend the conference by showing up at Nytorv, or you can join by livestreaming from danmarksfriefjernsyn.dk.

DFF is not responsible for other people’s opinions and might not agree in what they say. We cherish a democratic debate, where all viewpoints are welcome.

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