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International corona conference under attack


// DFF 11.05.2021

Monday and Tuesday 17-18 May 9.00-15.00 the “1st International Conference on COVID-19” is held in Copenhagen with the participation of a number of leading researchers from around the world. The purpose of the conference is to bring the scientific truth about corona to the world.

Among the experts who have agreed to participate in the conference is Professor Dr Med Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer, Prof. Dr. Harald Walach, Prof. Dr. Christof Kuhbandner, Professor Dr. Martin Haditsch, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Professor Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and Dr. Renate Holzeisen

However, the conference is coming under pressure because there have been threats of firing the researchers if they attend the conference. Conference moderator, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, author of the bestseller “Corona: False Alarm?”, takes the threats very seriously, and now recommends the researchers not to participate because he assesses that it could have serious consequences for them.

The conference is organized by the Danish “Quality-of-Life Research Center” with doctor Søren Ventegodt as the director; it is sponsored by OOC – The Organization for Information about Corona – and is brought live to the world from the webpage www.DanmarksFriefjernsyn.dk

Søren Ventegodt says that the conference will be held as planned, but that at present it is uncertain how many experts will actually participate.

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