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Good evening, I’m ThessA, and this is Denmark’s Free Television with another mind-blowing version of the international news!

In Austria this weekend 1000’s of ppl participated in a rally in Vienna against the prolonged lockdown that is now going to until the 8 th of February. They were peaceful protesters that wore no masks and they were wearing signs that stated amongst other things ”Influenza let’s make it great again and Kurtz must go” 

In the Uk, the numbers are now approaching 100 000 deaths with the corona virus, and the health authorities are also stating that they have an 46 % increase of deaths in the care homes for the elderly. The problem is that these numbers are based on the PCR-test for COVID-19 which independent researchers have found to be invalid and scientifically undocumented. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany warn the world that these numbers cannot be trusted as the PCR-test have 97% false positives. This is in accordance with the knowledge about the PRC test shared with us by its inventor Kary Mullis who in 1993 got the Nobel Prize for his work with the PCRF test. 

Another thing that came up in the UK the other day is that Boris stated that both cats and dogs should be vaccinated against the corona virus; when we know that the PCR test can test positive on mango and banana I’m not sure that this is based on science either. 

In Sweden, the most corona liberal country in Europe where the restaurants are still open and guest do not need to wear face masks, 1/4 of all the restaurants are now facing risk to go out of business. This due to a credit rating that was made and they are stating that due to the lockdown several of them are no longer that high in their credit as before. Critiques of the pandemic, which they believe to be false and intentionally created by the invalid PCR test, say that one intention with the pandemic is to take the small and middle-sized business out, leaving only the large multinational companies to exist in the end.   

Sweden has a demonstration coming up the 6 th of March and they are calling it the 1000 ppl march and this is for truth and freedom. A Swedish app that is controlling most of the Swedish financial activities online is now stating that the swedes are going to have to update their phones this includes the Iphone IOS 10 and 11 and the Android 5. This so they can continue to use their services or many swedes will have to find themselves back in the 1980’s again using paperwork which is kind of difficult since the bank system has almost completely dissolved all of that from their systems. 

In Spain there was a demonstration against the “false corona pandemic” this weekend and this one was quite a big one – several thousand ppl participated in this demonstration and it was organized by ”Doctors for the truth”. An organization that state that they are fighting for “freedom and truth”.

In France there has also been a demonstration last Saturday against the lockdowns, and in Holland there was also a demonstration this last Saturday. There were a lot of reports and videos that were going around the social medial from this demonstration that witnessed about police brutality amongst other things there was water canon guns and they were hit with batons over the heads.

This last week WHO changed their recommendations for the PCR testing, They are now stating that we are supposed to lower the numbers of cycles that are run in this PCR test to avoid the numbers of false positives. The correction of the recommendation imply that the earlier recommendation for the use of the COVID-19 PCR test, which are followed by the whole world, has been wrong. The consequence of this is that the worlds corona statistics dramatically has overestimated the number of COVID-19 infected. As 97% or more of the people who have been tested positive are now known the be COVID-19 negative, at the test results have been false positive, we only have maximally 3% of the corona infected world-wide we until now believed we had. 

A new airline is opening up and this one is called Freedom Airway FAFTA and it’s just in it’s starting blocks right about now so what you can do is that you can actually go into their webpage https://www.freedomairway.com/. You can help decide which destinations they will start with. Now what it interesting about this new airway is that it’s not going to be any restrictions on it so you don’t have to have a vaccination to go onboard, you don’t have to have a PCR-test or any kind of antigenbody test to be able to fly. The owner of this airport is that travel is a civil right fighter and she’s also stating that it’s against the human rights to be tested or having to take medication to be able to travel. The destinations that are for approval is Florida, Ireland and Brazil. So that’s the ones you can vote for. 

The 31th of january is a big date throughout Europe. This date is when many countries are opening up their shops and their restaurants again. This in spite of the lockdowns. We have previously seen Poland who have successfully opened up their businesses and restaurants against the restrictions. They stated that it was do or die and if they didn’t open up they would go under. So the 31th of January is a date when many restaurants and shops are going to open up. Some of the countries that are going to be opening up their shops are England, France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark and Holland. 

In Denmark a doctor, Søren Ventegodt, representing the “Organization for Information about Corona virus COVID-19” – for short the OOC – is filing a constitutional lawsuit against the government. Dr. Ventegodt also hold the position that the PCR test I not valid and that the corona pandemic is false, and he find support in a law suit from Portugal and another from Holland where the court have agreed that the PCR test is not a valid test for COVID-19. 

So the world seems to be fighting about the question right now: Is there a corona pandemic after all, and are all the lockdown and limitation of our freedom scientifically justified. It seems that the independent researchers are as clear in their position that the corona pandemic is fake, as most of the world’s governments are, that the pandemic is real and deadly.     

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